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Helmholtz Zentrum München, German Research Center for Environmental Health. about HMGU

KORA / KORAgen - Collaborative Health Research in the Region of Augsburg (Germany, Europe). about KORA

Online retrieval with full text search function / retrieval in the KORA meta-database for phenotypes / variables (Studies S3, F3, S4, F4, FF4) and genetics / omics (KORAgen) from the KORA studies.

Submit your KORA project application using the interactive online tool "KORA.PASST" here.

KORA-PASST (project application self-service tool)

Frontend for customers

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  • Create application (for internal and external applicants)
  • Check the current state of your application
  • Search / retrieval for phenotypes and genetics / omics
PASST (Applicant)

Frontend for Agents (KORA internal operators and data owners)

Use this Frontend in the roles of:

  • Data manager
  • Data owner
  • Coordination
  • HMGU-internal scientists, for example as Responsible Scientist of KORA (HAWI)
  • Members of the Board
PASST (Agent)

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