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Helmholtz Zentrum München, German Research Center for Environmental Health. about HMGU

KORA / KORAgen - Collaborative Health Research in the Region of Augsburg (Germany, Europe). about KORA

Online retrieval with full text search function / retrieval in the KORA meta-database for phenotypes / variables (Studies S3, F3, S4, F4, FF4) and genetics / omics (KORAgen) from the KORA studies.

Submit your KORA project application using the interactive online tool "KORA.PASST" here.

KORA-PASST (project application self-service tool)

Frontend for customers

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  • Create application (for internal and external applicants)
  • Check the current state of your application
  • Search / retrieval for phenotypes and genetics / omics
PASST (Applicant)

Please be aware of restrictions in the processing of project applications due to holiday season in August.

Frontend for Agents (KORA internal operators and data owners)

Use this Frontend in the roles of:

  • Data manager
  • Data owner
  • Coordination
  • HMGU-internal scientists, for example as Responsible Scientist of KORA (HAWI)
  • Members of the Board
PASST (Agent)

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